Arts District Brooklyn | Limitless AI

The intersection of multi-disciplinary dimensions

Limitless AI explores the relationship between architecture, art, science, technology, new media arts and artificial intelligence.

Featuring the global premiere of Limitless AI by internationally-renowned digital creators Ferdi & Eylul Alici, co-directors of Ouchhh Collective and creators of the award-winning, global sensation Poetic AI seen by 1 million visitors in Paris.

“An awe-inspiring adventure where imagination meets innovation!” Secret NYC

“Get ready to experience a sensory overload.”Thrillist

In a special partnership with Music: Not Impossible, creators of Vibrotextile — inclusive, wearable technology that translates sound onto the skin through vibration, inspired by the deaf community — Limitless AI will offer a limited number of guests at every show the opportunity to adorn its revolutionary, wearable suit, translating live music into physical vibration on the skin in real-time. The vibro-tactile suit is free of charge for Deaf and hard-of-hearing audience members, with an advance reservation and ticket purchase. It is available to other ticketholders for an additional charge.  


Chapter One:

Poetic AI

In Poetic AI, the AI supercomputer interprets 20 million lines of text by the greatest scientific minds of all time, from Galileo to Stephen Hawking, in an encompassing immersive experience.

Chapter Two:

Leonardo AI – Wisdom of Light

Imagine if an AI enabled supercomputer was taught to paint and then studied the great Renaissance Masters – Da Vinci, Michelangelo Botticelli and Raphael. See the resulting artwork featuring 15 billion brush strokes painted onto a large scale 3D canvas – presented with the music of Ludovico Einaudi, the acclaimed composer of Nomadland.

Chapter Three:

DarkMachines AI

Experience millions of reimagined explosions of subatomic particles shown in awe-inspiring scale. This experience was created in collaboration with the team of researchers at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, Switzerland.

Chapter Four:

Datagate AI

Imagine movements of celestial bodies brought lightyears closer with visualisations based on one million gigabytes of data gathered from the Kepler Space Telescope. Created in collaboration with NASA.

Chapter Five:

Superstrings AI

For the first time on American soil – see artificial intelligence render brainwaves into an immersive experience in real time. Nothing is pre-recorded. Every live performance is unique to that show, never having been seen before and never to be seen again.