There are some fantastic local businesses around ArtsDistrict. Please also pay our local community partners a visit when you come visit us!

99 Franklin

Coffee Shop and Bar located at 99 Franklin Street, Greenpoint.

Bar Bruno

Mexican Bistro located at 520 Henry Street, Greenpoint.


Mexican Restaurant located at 645 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint.

Cafe Riviera

Polish Bakery located at 830 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint.


Vegan Coffee Shop located at 86 Greenpoint Avenue, Greenpoint.


Polish Restaurant located at 136 Greenpoint Avenue, Greenpoint.

Le Fond

French Restaurant located at 105 Norman Avenue, Greenpoint.

Little rascal

Cocktail Bar located at 130 Franklin Street, Greenpoint.


Coffee Shop and Bakery located at 80 Kent Street, Greenpoint.

Paulie Gee's

Pizzeria located at 110 Franklin Street, Greenpoint.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Bakery located at 727 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint.


Cocktail Bar located at 113 Franklin Street, Greenpoint.

Talea Beer co.

Brewery located at 87 Richardson Street, Brooklyn (Williamsburg).

Threes brewing

Bar and Restaurant located at 113 Franklin Street, Greenpoint.

Upright coffee

Coffee Shop located at 860 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint.


Pottery Shop located at 76 Kent Street, Greenpoint.